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Thank you for taking the time to visit our shop. We specialize in the design and hand crafting of the finest custom wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and just about any type of jewelry you can think of. Beautiful exotic wood & precious metal rings are our specialty. If you’re looking for a unique, one of a kind piece, we are confident you’ll find it here. We take great pride in creating very special personalized pieces. Please e-mail us with any ideas or inquiries you may have at,



Payment is expected at checkout. robertWbruce accepts Paypal and Credit Cards payments processed through Paypal. Payment must be cleared before the item is shipped.



We ship all bracelets USPS first class and rings Priority, insured. This service is free of charge to all of our customers within the continental United States. Generally, bracelets ship within 3-5 days and rings may take 1 to 3 months depending on the nature of the design, inventory of materials and your place in line when your order is placed. Custom or personalized designs will take longer to ship than completed ones. Customs, duty or tariff Fees are the responsibility of the buyer.



Please Read BEFORE Purchasing a bracelet from robertWbruce…

Correct sizing is critical for the comfort and look of your new bracelet. Our bracelet sizing is a wrist circumference, NOT a total length. A size 8″ bracelet will fit a wrist that is 8″ in circumference and will have a total length of approx. 9.5″.
Please don’t contact us after receiving your bracelet claiming that you ordered a 9″ bracelet and received one that was 11.5″ (that’s how long a bracelet with a 9″ circumference will be and whether you realize it or not, that’s what you ordered).
We’ve learned the hard way (-$) that there will always be a percentage of our customers who order in length regardless. Because of this fact and coupled with the notion that your bracelet is sized to fit your wrist specifically, we can no longer offer returns on our bracelets. Also, we can no longer afford to contact every customer to verify their size selection so please make sure that you follow our sizing instructions below for a perfect fit every time.

To size your wrist:
Wrap a thin (not thick) string or ribbon around your wrist where you expect the bracelet to fall. The string should be snug. Not too loose and not too tight but snug. Mark off where the string overlaps itself and use a flat ruler to measure it’s total length. Do NOT add extra length for comfort (we will do that with the assumption that you didn’t). This length is your exact wrist circumference and is the measurement you should select from the drop-down menu when purchasing your bracelet. robertWbruce will use your circumference to size the bracelet to fit your wrist perfectly. If you choose to skip this step and simply measure the length of your watch instead, your bracelet won’t fit!



First and foremost, Your satisfaction is our highest priority; However…

BRACELETS & Non-Custom made designs:
robertWbruce is in the business of making happy customers. A happy customer is a returning customer. We take all concerns or complaints very seriously and strive to remedy the situation before it is no longer a positive experience for either party. This being said, we also need to curb our losses from customers who just want to “try on” a bracelet or the ones that incorrectly size their wrist. Because of the fact that your bracelet is sized to fit your wrist specifically, we can no longer offer returns on our bracelets. Please read the sizing requirements carefully before ordering.
Hand cast “Infinity” bracelets are not refundable however if there becomes an issue with the chemical bond between the leather and the clasp within 60 days (which can occasionally happen), we will either (at our discretion) ask that the piece be sent back for repair and reimburse you for the first class return postage to our studio or we’ll send you an entirely new set of leather bands w/attached clasps.
For studio pieces and personalized deigns there is no refund nor store credit. We hope you’ll understand the hand crafted nature of each design. Each piece involves a great deal of time and meticulous detail to ensure every one meets our highest standard.

Because of the personal nature of each ring (size, color, material, engraving), we try to curb our losses from frivolous returns. Basically here it is… robertWbruce will take very seriously any concerns from our customers. Our belief is that customers should be able to purchase from robertWbruce without risk; However, this being said we also know that there is a certain percentage of customers who can be quite finicky. Each ring we create will be different from the one before it and thus will vary slightly from the ones you see in the photos. The materials will be the same but the wood grain will not, the etching on the meteorite will not, the fossilized component will not (you get the idea). We make every effort to recreate your ring using the same degree of detail and care you see in the photos.

Bottom line is this…

If there is a sizing issue that is our fault (not the size you requested) we will obviously bump you to the front of the line and create for you a new ring.

If the sizing issue is on your end (you requested the wrong size) you can either… find another finger to wear it on or return it to our studios (in the same condition as it was sent) and receive 75% of the rings’ value towards another ring of the same design. You will also need to wait your turn in line until other customer’s pieces are finished. Please, please, please measure your finger accurately. Go to a jeweler to have it sized or go to a craft supply store and buy a ring sizer (complimentary ring sizers are available at the request of our paying customers ❨please see the paragraph pertaining to complimentary ring sizers in the “Additional Information” section of this page❩). A correct size is very critical to having a happy customer. We do regret that this is how the policy has to be but it’s the only way we’ve found to curb our loss from customers who simply change their minds on a high end, custom made, handcrafted ring.

For any other issues such as wearability limitations and/or damage caused to the ring beyond our control there is no refund nor credit (see below for “how our wood is treated” and “caring for your new ring” sections).

Craftsmanship and quality standards are non issues as each piece must pass our finicky inspection process before leaving our studio.





Every robertWbruce ring is made by hand using many techniques and materials. Depending on the particular design, your ring goes through a process. One with many variables. Rest assured you will receive a quality product but you will not receive the exact ring as seen in the photos (your ring has not been made yet). Your ring is neither manufactured nor is it mass produced.

~How our wood is treated~
(FREE to all of our wood ring customers. A MUST READ FOR WOOD RINGS).
While no wood is impervious to the elements, robertWbruce uses only 100% stabilized wood on every ring we make (Stabilizing is a process where the wood is impregnated with a polymer resin. Once the wood’s cells are dried and free from moisture, they are then filled (using a vacuum chamber) with an agent which essentially turns the wood into a combination of wood and acrylic). The wood becomes heavier, more stable, and much more resistant to water. U.V. additives are also introduced into the acrylate. Our Specially formulated “wood shell” finish offers U.V. protection and is water resistant for months after it leaves our studio (depending on your care it may last less or more). After your purchase you can e-mail me when you believe your finish is fading and I will advise you on how to replenish it’s protective qualities (you shouldn’t have to pay extra to have a lifelong ring looking good for that long).

~How our rings are constructed~
Our rings are meticulously crafted to the closest tolerances. Our metal casting studio can handle any job you can dream up and our decades of woodworking has given us the experience to carve the most elaborate of rings. robertWbruce designs are truly handcrafted. No need for computerized machines. Machines have no heart, they’re costly and only equate to higher prices for the customer.

~Caring for your new ring~
Depending on the materials used to make your ring, you may need to take precautions to keep it looking great for years to come. A wood ring in particular can’t take the abuse that an all metal ring can. Use common sense to not wear it to the construction site or when your weekend warrior makes an appearance. The less you keep it on to shower, swim or wash dishes the longer it will stay looking good before you need to e-mail me for the remedy. Bone, antler, fossilized and petrified organic matter and enamels can also be damaged by abuse (if you hit your dinosaur bone ring on the cast iron skillet it may break and antler must always be kept dry).
Be diligent and treat your new ring as the piece of fine jewelry it is and it should last a lifetime.

~Free ring engraving~
We offer this as a complimentary service and do not feel a need to charge for it. This being said there are others who do charge for this service and I can only imagine it’s because the laser engraver they have costs an arm and a leg. We engrave the old fashioned way. By hand. It’s not fancy but it’s professional looking and it’s free. Let us know if it’s something you want to take advantage of when making your purchase.

~Free ring sizers for our paying customers~
At the request of the customer, we will send anyone who purchases a custom ring a free ring sizer; however it’s to be used at your own risk. As stated, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the measurement given is the accurate size for a specific finger. I’ve used the sizers with very good results but they’re only as accurate as the person taking the measurement.

~Exclusive Designs~
Exclusive designs are designs and/or components which are individually created in our studio or alterations and enhancements to commercial designs. These pieces are unavailable to the consumer market and are sold exclusively through robertWbruce.
(alterations and enhancements to commercial designs applies only to our European style leather bracelets and refers to the customizing of mass produced components).

~Truth in advertising~
Due to variations in leather, metalwork & castings, hand stamping and polishing no two pieces will ever be exactly the same and may vary slightly from the pictures. Espresso to one supplier may not be exactly the same color as espresso to another. To ensure consistency, robertWbruce makes every effort to purchase from the same reputable supplier for the same high quality items seen in the photos. We will never substitute a lower quality component or leather for a higher one. Certain Exclusive components are handcast at the robertWbruce studio. We do not manufacture high volume products. All of our handcast designs are made to order. Small inclusions are to be expected and add to the hand crafted quality of the piece.
Many varieties of wood and stone fluoresce under photographic lighting equipment and camera flash. Certain colors and “flame” in organic materials are photographed to give the best possible aesthetic representation.

~Sustainability Statement~
Given the nature of the fashion industry, we tend to use suppliers who value the need for humane and sustainable farming practices. Where cost is a factor I feel there is no substitution for the reconciliation of one’s designs when it comes to the harmful treatment of animals. robertWbruce seeks to purchase from farms with a proven track record of both humane and environmentally sound husbandry practices. (At times when the information isn’t available to us or social values dictate the sale of certain products, we allow the consumer to decide for themselves).

~Cal.Prop 65 Warning~
The robertWbruce studio recognizes the importance of protecting the health and environment of our customers. However, some of the base metal components sold to us from our many suppliers may contain trace amounts of lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm if ingested. Therefore, it is recommended that our bracelets should not be worn by small children.