robertWbruce is devoted to the creation of custom jewelry of the finest quality. Specializing in Argentium silver and exotic wood rings, robertWbruce casts all of our silver linings by hand (a metaphor for the life we chose to live). Located in Pennsylvania, our studio is a fully functional production facility designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers yet humble enough to never loose sight of the craft (computers and automated machines help to lighten the load of an overworked jeweler but can also hinder the personal connection we have to our work).

Living in Maine for so many years has given us an appreciation for the simple things in life, and wood is one of them. Frank Lloyd Wright wrote ” Wood is the most humanly intimate of all materials, and the most kindly to man”. With so many choices and combinations it’s impossible to think we could ever run out of inspiration. Once a living breathing soul with it’s own energy, wood is so warm and personal and is so much more inviting than metal. It’s amazing the way an artist can take a material found naturally on Earth and breathe new life into it. Whether it be wood, metal, bone, rock or glass, it’s transformed into something totally different, but at the same time it’s being given respect to it’s true organic form.

Our designs are meant to ignite a creative spark and to inspire you our customer to make changes to a piece to better suit your personal expression. Swap out the color or clasp of a leather bracelet or make a wedding band wider or thinner, use a different type of wood or add a dramatic inlay or stone. The possibilities are endless. Whatever your ideas we can make them happen. We’re here to help you express yourself…

Expression to us is defined by one’s ability to connect with who they are and then to translate that into the finished work (our human selves are never really a finished work, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop trying). When driven by motives contrary to this, people will ultimately create works (themselves included) that are void of any true personal expression.

Life is fleeting, We’re given such a small window of time to learn how be true to ourselves and to learn to love each other. Let all of us help each other express ourselves.

We hope with all our hearts you enjoy our handmade, custom designs. Each one is an expression of who we are.